About Fight Arms


Achieving the maximum level of proficiency in boxing, martial arts, or self-defense requires repeated, realistic training employing strikes, blocks, parries, or grappling. Typically, this is not possible when training on your own.      


Fight Arm solves this problem by providing a new way to train. Fight Arms lets you to train anytime against a simulated opponent with their arms held in a defensive position.  It allows more lifelike application of techniques that strike through, deflect or penetrate.  Fight Arms is very tough and lightweight (approximately 10 pounds) and provides realistic resistance and range of motion.  It is also durable enough to withstand stick or baton training.

Fight Arms is easy to assemble, requiring the attachment of only four bolts, and can be easily mounted on a sparring mannequin (i.e., BOB®), a heavy bag, or on a striking/kicking shield.  In less than two minutes, you can set up Fight Arms, and when done, just as easily remove it and store it.   

Fight Arms enables you to train anywhere more realistically, from the gym or dojo to the apartment, allowing you to Be Ready for the Fight!